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"PC Associates is an integral & invaluable supply chain partner sharing the same aggressive business strategy that we do while staying true to course on quality, delivery and customer service. An absolute pleasure to do business with!”

Ron Holcomb, Plant Manager
Marshall Metal Products, Inc.

"I am the Plant Supervisor at Rees, Inc and one of my jobs is to find quality vendors for our parts that need powder coating. I have been in my position for 10 years now and have gone through quite a few painters. Most of the problems have been with the quality of their work and also, with Rees being a small company, quantities has been an issue. Since Protective Coating has started painting for Rees, my job has become much easier. The quality of work is superb to any other company I have used and their pricing is great. Our small quantities are not a problem and neither are the big ones. They can handle anything I send them and delivery is great. No other company I have worked with in the past has provided the service I get from Protective Coating. They take pride in their work and it shows. They are always appreciative of our business and I enjoy doing business with them.”

Dawn Penner, Plant Supervisor
Rees, Inc.

“Our customers order custom piping & expect a quick delivery. We can always count on Protective Coating for a quick turn around and quality work. Nice family people, like to stay local.”

Amy Gilbert
Stainless Diesel

“Hi Diane, Hey let me tell you how happy we are that you walked through our door as a sales rep. for Protective Coatings. I had no idea that there are still companies out there with great supplier service and that do care about what the customer needs are. Your quality is above average and you’re at zero defects over the last 6 months. You’re very cost effective and you turnaround is faster than we require.

The only thing that could improve this business relationship is if Protective Coatings was next door! Please continue to provide the excellent quality, pricing and service that we’ve come accustom to."

David Stiles, Plant Manager
J&L Manufacturing

“Protective Coating provides our company with a fast, reliable, and competitive solution for our finishing needs. Their customer service and quality meets or exceeds the expectations we have come to rely upon from other powder coaters in the industry.”

Phil Ogden, BSME Sales Engineer
American Metal Fab

“We have been doing business with Protective Coating for over 30 years. During that time Protective Coating has been our source for powder coat on a very high percentage of the product that we have powder coated. They provide us with great customer service, consistent quality, and a comfort level that is imperative to our company. They always find a way to meet our needs whether it be for price, lead time, or quality. Protective Coating is a company that will go above and beyond and think outside the box every single time it is necessary. They view their customers as part of their team and it shows. They have become part of our family and we are grateful to have them as part of our team.“

Korey Wischmeyer
G&W Display Fixtures, Inc.

“Protective Coating Associates provides a key component of our products. Nearly ever product we manufacture has at least some powder coated items incorporated into it. We have some items that are simply used to dress up the product and some that provide an exterior finish and protection. Since all of the products we make are for exterior automotive applications it is very important that we have a powder coater that we can trust will provide us with a long lasting quality finish.

Protective Coating Associates has always taken the time to work through our challenging needs and adjusted their processes to meet those needs. There is always someone to contact that will listen and react to our requests. Lead times are also a huge factor to our product line, our customers are demanding and can’t always wait on us. PCA reacts quickly to our lead time requirements making our job much easier. They also provide good quality finishes and when we have issues they correct them. It’s always a pleasure to work along side vendors that treat you like a valued customer instead of an interruption to their day. PCA is a convenient and valued vendor who we plan to work with for years to come.“

Chris Rosenberg, National Sales Mgr
Unique Truck Accessories

"Our coating process is highly technical and requires a very unique expertise and precise attention to detail. After looking at several companies it became clear to us that Protective Coating Associates was the right choice. PCA demonstrated the technical capability and adaptabilty that is needed to perform our process and provide an extremely high level of quality each and every time.

In additon to the great quality and service they are a great group to work with. The PCA team cares about us and the success of our product.....AND IT SHOWS!! It is a pleasure to work with PCA.........they make it easy!"

Brian Smith
Concealed Outdoors

“Our company has used the folks at Protective Coating to powder our products for the 23 years that I have been employed here. Like any other company in the manufacturing business we have found ourselves experiencing trouble getting raw materials from suppliers to produce finished products to meet deadlines. I am fortunate to be able to say the people at Protective have always been there to help us out with these kinds of issues. There have been times when that is easier than others but the same effort is always put forth on their part. We have had very few issues with scheduling and quality in my experience with the folks there. When any of these types of issues arise they are always dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. From the top down they are an all around great bunch of people that I would recommend to anyone. Give them a chance and see what they can do to help your business. I am certainly glad that I have them helping me.”

Dennis Heath
G&W Display Fixtures, Inc.

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